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POH #2 Toothbrush Widely-Spaced Orthodontic Braces 2 Rows 12 Tufts


The 2 row ortho bristle toothbrush is for people with braces. Two rows of tufts allow cleaning between, over or under wires and most importantly along the gum line.

1. Polished end-rounded bristle tips prevent micro-trauma to the teeth and gums.
2. Dye-free DuPont Tynex® nylon bristle tufts.
3. Shorter handle limits potential for heavy over-brushing.
4. BPA-free sustainable cellulose polymer handle.
5. Adheres to the specifications outlined by Dr. Charles C. Bass.
6. Perfect toothbrush for the Bass Method of brushing.

Give them a try and feel the difference for yourself.

Each toothbrush comes individually wrapped in cellophane.

Handle: 157 x 12 x 5mm
Tufts: 28 x 8 x 10mm



Our toothbrush bristles are very thin with carefully polished tips. This makes the bristles very soft and gentle, compared to other toothbrushes. Since this part of the toothbrush is actually what is useful, we focus our attention there. If they are tapered, long and pointy, they will penetrate the zone where the gum is attached to the teeth. Too hard or unpolished, damage occurs to the gums and even the teeth.

Our toothbrush handles are also very different. If a toothbrush handle is huge, then too much leverage is too easily applied, and a bulky handle prevents the delicate manipulation required by Dr. Bass’ method of personal oral hygiene.



POH uses 67% copper brads in the bristle anchors. Copper, being well known for having anti-microbial properties, is simply the best material to use. It won’t, of course, eliminate infection in your mouth. It will degrade the ability of nasty germs to set up their secret little world on your toothbrush!



A note on the overall size of POH toothbrushes:
1. The size, shape and mass of our handles is optimized for gentle & precise control.
2. The length & diameter of our bristles are designed to be effective in cleaning the gingival crevice & the pits & fissures of a tooth.
3. The POH toothbrush is designed for fingertip control & sensitivity.

The commercial market toothbrushes available today are typically longer, wider & heavier than POH toothbrushes. POH relies on Dr. Bass’ research that this type of toothbrush imparts too much leverage (possibly damaging the delicate gum tissue) & limits the dexterity required for effective cleaning of the teeth using the Bass Method of personal oral hygiene.



It’s been many years since someone bent the neck of a toothbrush, presumably to increase sales. After the bent neck came the thumb stop, then the multi-plastic handles, then a tongue cleaner, etc. POH never took that route. POH does not do the “New & Improved!” thing every other year. We understand that the fundamental research upon which our designs are based is sound. POH will give you everything you need in a toothbrush, without the unnecessary, expensive bells and whistles.

Around 1960, with Dr. Bass’ authorization, Robert G. Jones, DDS, our founder, went to the existing toothbrush manufacturers to see if they would make Dr. Bass’ type of toothbrush. Each company Dr. Jones approached turned him down flat, saying there was no customer demand, it would be an added expense, no, we will not make them.

Undaunted, Dr. Jones started POH to make both the floss and toothbrushes we market today. The same toothbrush and floss that Dr. Jones had been receiving directly from Dr. Bass.

POH – Our mission for more than fifty years is to help you clean and keep your teeth. The importance of simply & effectively cleaning your teeth daily cannot be emphasized enough.



POH is used by Preventive Dentists. These are Dentists who have studied the science and art of preventing disease from ever taking hold in the mouth. These Dentists do not want to fill another cavity or pull another diseased tooth. They also want to change Dentistry in the process. Preventive Dentistry is contrary and competing with the Dentistry practiced in the last century.

The science behind our toothbrushes and dental floss was developed by a Medical Doctor, not a Dentist. The products depend on this science. The products also depend on you. You have to clean your teeth properly, every night.